3 underrated marketing tactics that can help grow your business

Did you know that properly marketing your product/business can boost your sales by 80%? Yes, that’s right. A product can be everything the audience wants, but if not promoted well, it can lose its charm. Marketing is the creative part of the product journey that really helps your business to put itself out there. Marketing is amalgamation of different things like print media, print ads, television ads, social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, videography etc. Now some of these require monetary inputs, whereas some can be easily achieved if worked through properly and smartly. Below given are three underrated marketing tactics that can help grow your business.


Meeting with new people and networking with the right people can really help you in generating more business. Nobody can know about your products or services if you don’t sell it to the right people. Research proves that entrepreneurs that are people’s person sell generally more than others. The beauty of marketing is selling and selling requires persuasion. Therefore, even in this age of digitization, persuasion still stands to be a marketing tactic that requires minimal investment and the return it brings is huge. 

Social Media

Present is the age of technology and digitization. Especially with the ongoing situation of Covid, people rely solely on social media for decision making and buying things. Therefore, now is the time more than ever to bring out the creative in you and sell your presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, etc. A study shows that almost 130 million people view and tap on Instagram ad posts each month. The number only shows the extent to which social media has inculcated in our lives. Social media’s impact is reflected by companies so much in this age that businesses have now developed a separate department for social media marketing typically known as SMM. The department works tirelessly to roll out different social media campaigns that resonate with the businesses’ core values. 

Email Marketing

If there’s something that hasn’t gotten outdated ever since the discovery of technology it’s the emails. Organizations depend on emails for formal communication within their company and externally. With this, marketers found out a very efficient way to integrate marketing within the emails known as email marketing. You can carry out a list of your target audience and promote your products to them via emails. It is recommended that you repeat this twice a week; keep sending them the latest deals and promotion offers. Why is the repetition recommended? So that if by chance someone ignores an email, they’ll keep on receiving you in their inbox and will ultimately be compelled to purchase from you. 

Above mentioned are three simple and easy ways that’ll help your business. Marketing is really the heart and soul of any product. All businesses require marketing, be it shirt printing, corporate, or restaurant business, etc. You can hire strategy developers, and shirt printing melbourne to help you with marketing. This is why you as a business need to view these marketing efforts as a long-term effort for the return they bring is incredible.