Custom t shirt printing mistakes that you should always avoid

Whenever you see someone wearing an attractive t-shirt, you can never resist looking at the t-shirt. This is the reason why most people use custom t-shirts to provide gifts to their loved ones and also to the customers when promoting goods and services. The good thing with the custom t-shirts is that they can be used by companies, employees, team members, and customers because they are versatile. With the high demand for custom printed t-shirts, more and more people are starting businesses to offer custom t-shirt printing services.


Unfortunately, not everyone in this business is doing as great as they hoped when they were first starting their business. Despite the competition in the market today, some of the reasons why most people are failing in the custom t-shirt printing business today are because they are making mistakes that are costing their businesses. As you start this business, you must know what mistakes people are making and how you should avoid them to ensure that you run a successful business.


Mistakes to avoid when running a custom t shirt printing business

The following are the mistakes that people make which turn their businesses into ruins. When you are in a position to avoid these mistakes, you will be able to run a successful business.


  • Using low-quality fabrics

Despite the purpose or occasion that the custom t-shirt you are printing is to be worn, you have to think about the quality of the fabric you are using. Even if you are selling custom t-shirts at a low price, people today value the quality of the products they buy. for this reason, if you want to turn your business into a successful one, you must make sure that you use high-quality fabrics in your work.


  • Using complex designs

As you design your custom printed t-shirts, you have to make sure that you use designs that will help you send the message you intend to communicate to the target audience. Most people use complex designs when printing their custom t-shirts which hinders them from communicating the message they intended to communicate. To avoid such mistakes, then you must use simple designs when you are printing your custom t-shirts.


  • Using too many colours when printing the custom t-shirts

Most people think that using very many colours when printing custom t-shirts makes the t-shirts look very attractive. However, most people find the custom t shirts to be overwhelming to look at. Also, using too many colours when printing the custom t-shirts makes you spend so much on the work which makes the prices of the custom t-shirts so high that not everyone can buy them. This is why you need to limit the number of colours you use when you ate printing your custom t-shirts.


  • Using poor image and font quality

The other mistake that you need to avoid is using very poor image quality in your custom t-shirts. Instead, you should have images that are clear for everyone to see from far.

Also, the fonts should be clear to ensure that people do not struggle to see what is written on the custom t-shirts.


The above mistakes are very common among people running custom t shirt printing businesses. When you avoid them, you will be able to make better custom t-shirts and you will not have challenges running your business. Also, your customers will love the services you deliver to them.

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