How to print T-Shirt

During your free time you play soccer with your friends and, for some time now, you have been thinking that you would like to give your team a gift. You would like to print personalized t-shirts with the names of your teammates, as if you were all part of an official Italian football team. Well, let me tell you, it’s a really good idea!

But if you are here now and are reading this guide of mine, chances are you are looking for advice, because you have not the faintest idea how to print on a t-shirt. Or rather, you know for sure that you could go to a print shop, but you don’t want to spend big bucks. I got it, right? I imagined. Don’t worry, I fully understand your doubts and know how to help you.

To print on t-shirts, my suggestion is to rely on the Internet. You can save a lot and you can request the printing of your t-shirts, sitting comfortably in front of your PC. There are several sites that allow you to buy shirts with custom printed logos and writings; the procedure is really simple and in this guide of mine it will be my task to talk about it in detail. You will see that, by continuing to read and following my directions, printing on t-shirts will be as easy as drinking a glass of water. I’m sure that when the custom t-shirts arrive you will be happy with them and you will make a great impression with your friends. What do you say, we bet?

One of the sites specialized in screen printing that I want to recommend is Primissima. The company offers a website with an attractive user interface, through which you can choose the type of shirt and the type of printing to apply. There is a wide variety of choices of clothing: sweaters, t-shirts, sweatshirts and tank tops. You can even choose to print a logo or custom writing on other items of clothing as well, requesting custom quotes tailored to your needs. Alternatively, you can also buy some items of clothing without any printing.